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Franz Schubert
Melegh, Gábor

Franz Schubert

Oil , Wood
61,5 x 48,5 cm

Inv.: 5285
Location: Buildings C-B, 1st Floor

Melegh, Gábor - Franz Schubert

Gábor Melegh was a talented Hungarian painter of the biedermeier who earned a fame with slightly sentimental, subtly painted portraits during his short life. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1817-23 and graduated with honours. He made good friends with some fellow artists including painters Moritz von Schwind and Leopold Kupelwieser, among whose friends was Franz Schubert. Correspondence and recollections confirm the relationship. Kupelwieser painted a portrait of Schubert, which helped identify the long unknown model of Gábor Melegh's painting. Melegh's portrait depicts the composer in a cosy setting, on a porch with his dog called Drago known from Kupelwieser's picture. The meticulously careful rendering of the clothing and environment of the sitter was a typical feature of Viennese biedermeier, the romanticism of the middle-class. It characterizes other portraits of Gábor Melegh, too. The light and bright colours, slightly linear painting, the complete harmony of sitter and setting endow the painting-the artist's most outstanding work-with a serene and convival atmosphere.