Rights and reproductions

Digital photo reproductions of the artworks of the Museum of Fine Arts for any publication and research purposes can be requested in digital medium. Please read the General Terms and Conditions of the Reproduction Agreement.

In order to grant a reproduction licence we require as much detail as possible about the intended use of the image. Please fill in the Image Request Form and return it by email, fax or mail to the Reproduction Office. Your request will be processed within two workdays. 


Please be aware that the Image Request Form is not a purchase order! Based on your request the Reproduction office will calculate a quote for you. In order to proceed with your request you have to accept the price quote.


Please contact your local copyright association to clear the copyright of the author's life plus 70.


Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery
Reproduction Office 

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Tel.: +36 20 4397 397
Fax: +36 1 2127 356
E-mail: repro.office@mfab.hu