'It is great to work with you. I come here to be invigorated :) - such a good feeling. I feel so sorry for those who never get a taste of this. Like other people, I also struggle with permanent financial problems, I work really hard, yet I feel content because I can help others and get trained, both in the field of arts and through the practice of foreign languages. And I can even build my confidence and creativity. To put it short, I LOVE working here.' Gabriella Moór, volunteer

The idea of the volunteer programme in the Museum of FIne Arts arose in August 2006 inspired by similar examples of the most prestigious museums of the world. Our goal, in the first place, was to provide staff with the then missing visitors' information desk. Today we work with just over three hundred members. Since the beginning of the programme, our enthusiastic volunteers have donated 54.442 working hours, that is 6.805 workdays. They continue to help the regular staff of the museum and maintain the high standards of our services.


Our colourful team assists the activities of the museum in various fields, such as:

- the Information Desk in the entrance hall(s) is operated exclusively by trained volunteers;

- help at the children's programmes and the family days for the Education Department ; 
- in the Library each volunteer receives an individual, personalised task;

- volunteers are involved also in the propagation of the Museum"s Friends! and assist in their programs as well as in administration works.


Besides this there is the opportunity to help with photocopying, IT, or translation. With the help of volunteers we have been able to start a free English language course for the guards, and have completed the topographical survey of the museum. Our volunteers have provided invaluable help with their ideas for the betterment of the Museum's services.


If you would like to join us or to know more about our activities, please visit our website at: http://onkentes.szepmuveszeti.hu/index.php?lang=english or write an e-mail to the coordinator of the programme, Ms Ágnes Ruzsits and Júlia Gottfried  at volunteer@szepmuveszeti.hu.

Docent Programme - Volunteer tourguide training in English

Docents introduce guests to the Museum collections by providing free tours throughout the galleries and help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art on display. In addition to their function as guides, docents also often conduct research using the institution's facilities or provide administrative support for the Docent Programme. 
Prospective Docents undergo intensive training by the Museum that focuses on interpretive and communication skills so they may better introduce the Museum’s collections to visitors.

If you wish to become a docent, guest at our lectures, to obtain schedules of lectures or volunteer your time to Docent Programme in a different way, please feel free to contact the Education Department at docent@szepmuveszeti.hu or call (+36-1) 4697-180.

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