6.15 pm – 6.45 A Look Behind the Bourgeois Scenery - New Aspects in 19th century Hungarian Art –Guided tour in English with Ágnes Mertus in the 19th century collection
Meeting point: Building ’C’, 1st floor at the entrance of the exhibition


Bartok was an outstanding musician and composer. He was fascinated not just by folk music, but jazz and musical improvisation. Bartok himself was very interested in improvisation as a form of musical style. A testimony to this interest was Eight Improvisation on Hungarian Peasant Songs. He had also composed a musical piece to Benny Goodman, who was the most successful jazz musician of the Swing Era. Common affinity to these genres Parniczky composed a repertoire based on Bartok’s shorter pieces like the Mikrokozmosz, the Easy Pieces for Piano or the Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano. Consequently the music of the quartet is simultaneously complex and emotional. Bartok's musical genius appears while the band maintains their own recognisable sound.

András Parniczky - guitar, Peter Bede - reeds, Erno Hock - bass, Istvan Balo - drums

Venue: 1st floor Dome Hall

7.00 pm– 7.30 pm

The idea for this exhibition project was prompted by the fact that just a few hundred of the works in the Hungarian National Gallery’s rich collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century sculpture (out of a total of almost 5000 items) are presented to the public in permanent or temporary exhibitions. Our aim is to breathe new life into some of these museum sculptures, and to make them more visible with the help of some contemporary sculptors. Inspired by the selected works from our collection, new works of art were born. The contemporary works and the “source” sculptures from the collection will be presented as “guerrilla exhibitions”, each lasting a month, and each held in a different area of the gallery.

The first sculpture pair is Sleeping girl (1971) by Miklós Borsos (1906-1990) and the contemporary workof Áron Zsolt Majoros (1982). The contemporary sculpture can first be seen by the Museum+ audience!

Venue: Mezzanine Csontváry

6 pm – 9.30 pm “Adam, where are you?” Collage-making: An imaginery metropolis of plane and square shapes enfolded Adam’s figure. Let’s build a new city around it!
Venue: 2nd floor

WINE TASTING Dubicz Winery and Vineyard

We reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

Image and video recordings may occur during the event and visitors accept that they may appear on any such recording. Any visitor to the event henceforth consents to such recordings and therefore they may not stake any claim whatsoever against the Gallery, event organisers, the producers of the recordings or the rightful users of such recordings.

Full price: HUF 2,800
Reduced price (for all kinds of concessions): HUF 2,000


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