Museum Shop

Our large Museum Shop can be found on the ground floor of the Hungarian National Gallery’s Building C.

We offer a wide range of exhibition catalogues and other museum publications relating to the museum’s collection and to temporary exhibitions. Also available is a variety of gifts inspired by the artworks preserved in the museum; from postcards to large scale canvas reproductions, from tools for museum education to artist supplies, and from fun little souvenirs to exclusive accessories.

A rich selection of books are available: Hungarian and foreign language art albums, and various catalogues of international exhibitions.

In April 2016 the Picasso exhibition is accompanoed by a Picasso shop in Building A. In addition to the exhibition catalogue, it includes Hungarian and foreign publications on the artist’s masterworks, on his biography, on this period in art history of new decisive artistic styles.

Picasso's art influenced not only his contemporaries, but his works continue to have a productive influence on contemporary fashion and the world of design. His personality can also be traced through to our day, and his character still influences our view of an artist. The selection in the shop offers a range of products inspired by the artworks displayed in the exhibition, as well as special, unique, or simlply humorous and unusual gifts. Visitors who became inspired by the artist’s works can select from professional painting supplies.

Our shop includes a children’s corner, as well as a reading and resting area.

Our shops are available during opening hours, even without an exhibition ticket.

Purchase in the shops helps to sponsor the Hungarian National Gallery.

Contact information:

Ordering foreign publications:

Ádám Demeter:; + 36 70 396 0023

Ordering unique paper and canvas reproductions of the museum’s works, company gift orders and commissioned product inquiries:

Viola Varga:; + 36 70 6831 875


Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am - 5.45 pm
Closed on Mondays

Tel: +361 201 0887, +36 20 4397 412