Museum+ Body

6 p.m.–10 p.m. Thursday, 11 October 2018

Once every month, the Hungarian National Gallery welcomes all with extended opening hours, during which a wide range of events, such as guided tours, lectures, performances of the sister arts and workshops organised around a specific theme can be visited. The theme of the Museum + in October is the Body. The body, the depiction of which has been an eternal question to the present day. The body, which is the earthly skin of the soul. The body, which perishes, while the soul lives on forever. The body, which tempts and excites. The body, which is the shape and symbol for all things perceptible: scents, sounds, aromas, colours. The body, which was the central theme in the art of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and the painters of the School of London, which emerged in the 1950s. The body, as it is seen by a painter, a psychiatrist and a dancer. The body, as it is shown by our freshly opened exhibition, The School of London. The body, as it is discussed in art history. The body: what this evening is all about.

All of this will be accompanied by fine wines and teas, a workshop exploring the relationship between body and image, as well as good music by ‘The Bits’.           

English Guided Tour (Docent) Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces
Meeting point: Building C, Ground Floor, Infodesk

Who doesn’t know the Beatles? The band that made history in the 60s, and, unlike any other, even made it into the pages of history books, and radically changed pop music.
Over the four years of its history, The Bits has evolved into one of the Central European region’s foremost Beatles tribute bands. Besides playing at prominent festivals in Hungary (Sziget festival, Kapolcs Valley of the Arts) and abroad (Beatles Week - Liverpool (UK), Beatlesday - Belgium, Big Rivers Festival - Holland), in June 2015 they staged a music marathon of 100 Beatles songs at their Budapest concert. Of the 70 or so performers of the world’s number one Beatles festival, the Beatles Week in Liverpool, they were the only band to cover the entire Help! album in the legendary Cavern Club, the mecca of Beatles fans, where the organisers invited them to play again in 2017.
At the October Museum+ the National Gallery’s dome hall will be filled with evergreens such as She Loves You, and Let It Be, brought to visitors by The Bits.
Venue: 1st floor Dome Hall

“No matter how unreal it sounds, I want every picture I have ever worked on to be my only picture. Taking it further, I want my pictures to be the only one I have ever worked on, moreover, I want them to be the only picture ever painted by anyone.” (Lucian Freud – detail from an interview)
Lucian Freud’s words reveal the dedication that goes to the core, with which, aiming for the impossible, painter giants like him put the most mysterious creature of our planet – man – on the best-lit dissection platform in order to unveil their true selves.
His paintings are imprints of analysing others and himself, reaching unthinkable depths.
They are x-ray images of the soul locked inside the still body, forever moving, stirring and struggling.
Our performance is an attempt to show these x-rays, confrontations with ourselves through others, allowing the violently raging soul to shine through from under the skin, through events on the surface of the body.
And what better title can be chosen than the one Nietzsche dared use, since it is so human, all too much...
Performers: Ádám Fejes and Krisztián Gergye
Concept, direction, visual design: Krisztán Gergye
Venue: Building A

We are creating new figures from the details of the well-known paintings.
Venue: Building C, 2nd floor

WINE Kisbécs – Esterházy Winery (Burgenland)




We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.

Before you make arrangements, please note that due to regulations of art protection admission to the events is restricted and on a first come basis.


Full price: HUF 3,800 ǀ Reduced price*: HUF 2,800

*Allowances granted during regular opening hours do not apply to the Museum+ events. Reduced tickets are available to those entitled to visit the exhibitions free of charge or at a 50% discount. Tickets granting free admission are not available.


2018. October 11.