The Night of Museums


Faces and Masks

Saturday, 23 June 2018, 4 pm – 2 am

During the Night of the Alteregos we are going to ask with the help of the well-known artists invited as guest guides, with the story of a picturesque love, and, last but not least, with the masterpieces of Hungarian fine art, who is the artist and who is the model; who is in love and who is not, who is playing and who is not; and who we are: viewers, painters, muses, artists, visitors, people.

In the course of the night you can meet with literary and musical heroes behind the mask, with writers and performers who are constantly questioning themselves, with painters emerging and hiding through self-portrait. After the game of self-knowledge based on artworks, you can admire the terraces and the magnificent night panorama from the dome.

During the evening JULIAN ROSEFELDT: MANIFESTO, the 13-channel video installation starring Cate Blanchett can be viewed (projection time is 130 minutes).

ADMISSION: from 16.00 with a Night of Museums wrist band, from the ticket offices of buildings “A” (Hunyadi courtyard) and “C” (Savoyai terrace).

For reasons of security, the opening hours might change depending on the number of visitors in the exhibition halls. Due to artwork protection requirements, the number of visitors to the events is limited and admission is in the order of arrival only. The expected time of the last admission (also for those with wrist bands) is 1.00 at night. We recommend that you check out our website ( and FB page when planning your visit. The programme is subject to change!



16.00 Stories from the Gallery – announcing the results and award ceremony of the Gallery’s literary competition for secondary school children

17.00 Bolba Éva and the JAZZterlánc
The atmosphere of the exciting, interactive concert is ensured by Bolba Éva and the JAZZterlánc band. The band formed in 2014 has been on tour in the US, London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Slovakia and all over the country. This time they have selected their favourite songs of their first album, which was nominated for a Phonogram Prize in 2016. Their show is a real delicacy, lovable jazz music for small and big.
Éva Bolba (vocals), Zsolt Bera (trombone), Róbert Szili (guitar)

18.30 Moltopera – not only for opera lovers!
Who is lying to whom? Don Giovanni acquires Donna Anna by force - nobody is the one he seems to be, but the music betrays them. Let's introduce our audience to those tiny marks that shows the characters' true character, whatever they say. Who is the real protagonist? Did you know that Schicchi is not about Gianni Schicchi? Lauretta's aria has been heard by everyone - but most people can not imagine what's behind.
Cast: László Ágoston - narration / baritone, Audrey Gábor - soprano, András Emszt - piano

20.00 Platon Karataev ACOUSTIC
The band named after the character of the Lev Tolstoy was founded in Budapest in 2016. In the fall of this year, they qualified for the finals of the talent show called Kikeltető and released Orange Nights debut EP, from which the song Elevator both ran German and British viral lists at Spotify. In 2017 they released their first album, For Her, which was among the most important Hungarian releases of the year (index, phenomenon, recorder), and abroad, among the most listened Hungarian performers. Last year they got into the program called Hangfoglaló, which will release their new record in 2019. The four-member band mainly relies on British and American folk traditions, and builds on these in its honest and simple way. This time they will perform as an acoustic duo. Sebestyén Czakó-Kuraly (guitar, vocals), Gergely Balla (guitar).

23.30 Anna and the Barbies ACOUSTIC
After a decade of pure rock'n'roll march, Anna and the Barbies, a native of Budapest, started out of the undergound scenes from pubs and clubs, has been upraised to monumental stages by their fans. For this reason, the band has been given everything for ten years from night to night on stage. The orchestra, known for its psychedelic scenic world, and an unprecedentedly honest and soul-lifting, life-like world of texts, is playing an acoustic trio formation this evening in the Gallery's dome.

GOTHIC CHILL-OUT ZONE among the Gothic winged altarpieces

21.00 Concert of the Waldorf student choir
The student choir was founded five years ago. The founder, László Bencze, was aiming to meet with students of various Waldorf schools in a high-toned artistic band. The repertoire of the choir consists of more than 70 works, the rehearsals and performances are currently documented on YouTube by one and a half hundred of videos, and the channel now has 150,000 views.

Playing with the silhouette
We won’t be frightened of our own shadows, on the contrary we will draw it around, cut it out and put it in a frame.

SELF/IMAGES – a game of self-discovery
This game of self-discovery was inspired by the collections of the Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Vasarely Museum and the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts.
Walk around among the paintings, find your own way, visit the stations, decide what psychological type you are and finally find your painting-alter ego!

SOCCER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 – we are screening the actual matches in the Ballroom. Beer and pretzer is available at the terrace
17.00 Germany - Sweden
20.00 South-Korea – Mexico

The Dome of Buda Palace will await visitors all night
(Entrance from the 3rd floor)

SPRITZER TERRACE with a panorama of Budapest


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2018. June 23.