Shifts – Hungarian Art after 1945



The title of our exhibition presenting Hungarian art after 1945 was inspired by one of György Galántai’s sculpture Shifts from 1989. The title signals that the revised selection on display calls attention to the changes in the approaches to art, to the artistic aspects of the historical turns of the past seventy years, as well as to the changes in the system of institutions. At the same time, it implies that the exhibition spaces of the Contemporary Collection, opened nearly thirty years ago, have been revamped. 

The main goal of the concept is to acquaint visitors with the tendencies and trends, along with the specific local manifestations of Hungarian art after 1945. The exhibition aims to explore and provide a view of the period from three aspects: besides pointing out the simultaneous presence of movements and trends sometimes rooted in different periods and presenting exhibitions as part of the historical process, it demonstrates, through representative works, how the Hungarian art of the period was related to contemporaneous European trends. One of the characteristics of Hungarian art after 1945 is that the various trends and artistic approaches did not replace but followed from one another.