Audio guide

The audio guide service is to provide the tour experience to individual visitors about the most prominent artworks of the exhibitions. The guides are compiled and edited by art historians and professional writers.


Audio tours are available for the permanent exhibition in English, German, French and Italian for the following sections:

- Gothic panel paintings and wood carvings
- Late gothic winged altarpieces
- Renaissance and baroque art
- 19th-century art
- Modern Times  / Hungarian Arts between 1896 and the 2nd World War 
- Shifts - Hungarian Arts after 1945

Temporary exhibitions in English

Audio guide fee: HUF 800


The audio guide tickets are available at the ticket desk, and the sets can be picked up at the Information Desk, where they are to be returned at the end of your visit. You are reqeted to leave an ID card as a deposit.

How to use the audio guide:
- The language will be set for you at the pick-up counter. 
- You can listen directly from the set speaker, and also may connect your own head- or earphone, or request one with the set, as you prefere.
 - The highlighted works in the permanent collection are indicated on the captions next to the pictures by a headphone pictograph and the number of the record.
- The audio guide starts when you key in the number and push the Play icon.
- There is no specified route visitors must follow in the exhibition. You can choose in what order you wish to see the works.
- You can move about freely while listening to the commentaries, you do not have to stand directly by the works.