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          Register your arrival

Please register your arrival online if you wish to visit the Hungarian National Gallery and your group consists of more than 10 pupils. During the week the deadline is the day prior to your arrival until 4pm, weekend visits must be booked by Friday noon. The booking is only valid with the confirmation email. If you book a guided tour or workshop with us this step is not needed.
Registration: Group Visit without a Guided Tour ››


          Booking guided tours and workshops

We can offer guided tours and special workshops for school groups only upon prior arrangement within the regular opening hours of the Museum. The first available starting time is 10.30, the latest time to start your learning session is 16.00.  Please contact the Museum Education Department at least a week before you wish to visit! You can book your session by filling out the appropriate Registration Form. Learning ›› 


          Complimentary train journey

For Hungarian school groups visiting us from outside Budapest MÁV-START Zrt. provides the possibility of a free train journey for the school children and their accompaniment.

This offer is valid on school days. The return journey is going to be certified by the Hungarian National Gallery stamp before your departure. The school is obliged to attach the copy of the recipient declaration received on the date to the form called "Accounting for Group Travel". For more information please visit the MÁV website ›› 

Indication of Changes / Cancellation
Please contact the Museum Education Department in time if any changes should occur at or over  (+36 1) 469 7180 / (+36 20) 439 7408. Should your visit waiver it is extremely important that you let us know as early as possible.


On the day of your arrival



You are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the starting time of your arranged session. Should you be delayed please notify the information desk (+36 20) 439 7331 or the Museum Education Department at (+36 1) 469 7180 or (+36 20) 439 7408.


          In case of delays over 30 minutes

In case of a group arriving more than 30 minutes late we are unable to provide the arranged program. After further consultation it is possible to remedy the session at a later date.

          Buy tickets
Please purchase your tickets and pay for the pre-booked guided tours / workshops at the Museum’s ticket desk. You can pay by cash or credit card; in certain cases it is possible to pay via transfer as well.

After having purchased your ticket you are required to leave all coats, backpacks and all bags exceeding 40 x 30 x 20 cm in the cloakroom.


Before starting your visit


           Visitor guidelines

Please call students' attention to the fact that they are required to keep at least 30 centimetres distance from the Art Work! Food and drink are prohibited in the exhibition spaces. Only pencils and markers are allowed to be used within the Gallery Space - crayons, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, crayons are not permitted. Please mute your mobile phones. Photography is allowed only in the Permanent Collection (without the flash or the use a photo tripod), not the Temporary Exhibitions.


Thank you for the cooperation!