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The Museum Visit provides every member of the family with a fantastic common experience!


Tips and hints for your Museum Visit


  • Always keep yourself informed about current opening times and temporary exhibitions on our website.
  • Young and Old should try to be well rested before throwing themselves into the great adventure of the Museum visit!
  • Since no food and drinks are allowed within the museum's exhibition spaces please make sure that your child has eaten and is well hydrated before the visit commences!
  • Prior to your visit discuss with your child what can and what cannot be done in the museum: we want to protect the art works, this is why we will not touch them!
  • Less is sometimes more: since children cannot take in too much information in one go show them no more than 3 or 4 artworks per visit.
  • After your visit revisit all you have seen together and talk about what your child can remember about the art works at home.
  • Our Museum Educators also offer programmes for families to which you are most welcome to attend! Please see below for the following programme options. 

Enjoy your Museum visit! Have fun!






Please check back in September for more Information! 


Please note that the language of the programme is Hungarian!