Library of the Hungarian National Gallery

The Library of the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, is a public library, however, readers who are not staff members need to have an appointment. Publications may not be lent from the Library, but interlibrary loan is possible.

The Library includes scientific literature on art history, mainly on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and architecture concerning Hungarian art, and publications related to museology.


Location and contacts


Buda Palace, Building A and B
H- 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2
Telephone:+ 36 1 469-7746, +36 1 469-7747
Opening hours: Monday-Friday:  10-16 pm,
during which time we are also pleased to answer inquires on the phone.


Online catalogue

The catalogue also including the items of the Library of the  Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, may be found at: This online catalogue currently (by the end of 2015) contains around one thirds of the Library’s holding, and the cataloguing process of the remaining items is under way. Under „Lelőhely”, visitors of the online catalogue can find whether the searched publication is found  in the Library of Museum of Fine Arts or in the Library of the Hungarian National Gallery.


Library staff


Judit Steiner Head of the Library, telephone:   +36 70 396-0021
Anett Bognár
Veronika Éger
Beáta Kiss
Zsuzsanna Konkoly
Bence Tóth
Anélia Tűű